Below are brief descriptions of the educational roles I've held during my time at MIT and the University of Arizona.



In MIT's spring semester of 2013, I was the TA for "12.002: Introduction to Geophysics and Planetary Science."  The class was paired with a field trip class I also TA'ed, 12.093, which involved field work in the Himalayas in northern India.  The students received an introduction to Himalayan geology and assisted in sample collection.  The samples were later used in paleomagnetic analysis to reconstruct the movement of tectonic plates.  I have also taught guest lectures for several undergraduate and graduate level courses at the University of Arizona on the topics of planetary geophysics and icy processes.

Advising my "mentee" Elizabeth Bailey at the Leh airport in India on how to drink Thums Up soda.


I communicate planetary science to the public through several avenues.  I've participated in radio and television interviews on topics related to my own research.  I've hosted exhibits at the Boston Museum of Science and given talks to amateur astronomy clubs.  I've also participated in larger-scale outreach events at the museum, given talks to middle school classes in Houston during LPSC, and talked with high school debate teams about colonization of Mars.

Riding camels near our field site in India for MIT class 12.093.


During my time as a graduate student, I advised MIT undergraduate Elizabeth Bailey in image analysis of ice deposits on Mars.  She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in planetary science at CalTech.  I also participated in MIT's mentorship program, serving as a mentor for then-graduate students Anton Ermakov, Matthieu Talpe, Zhenliang Tien, and Neesha Schnepf.  I served on the thesis committee of Dr. Sean O'Hara at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Filming on UA's campus for a Discovery Channel TV show (to be aired mid-2019)