Below are some examples of press our work has received in various news outlets:


Mars water and volcanism

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Ceres cryovolcanism

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The south pole of Mars, as imaged by NASA spacecraft.

2019 Geophysical Research Letters paper

Newsweek:  On Mars, underground volcanism could cause liquid water, scientists say

New Atlas: Liquid lake on Mars might be evidence that the Red Planet is still volcanically active

EOS:  Study suggests prospect of recent underground volcanism on Mars

Ahuna Mons, a proposed cryovolcano on Ceres from NASA's Dawn spacecraft.

2018 Nature Astronomy paper

National Geographic: Dozens of ice volcanoes found on nearby dwarf planet

Science News: The ghosts of nearly two dozen icy volcanoes haunt dwarf planet Ceres

Discover Magazine: Volcanoes of mud erupt from giant asteroid Ceres

2017 Geophysical Research Letters paper

Gizmodo:  This dwarf planet's freaky ice volcano might not be alone after all Lonely ice volcano on Ceres might have once had company

Popular Science:  Ceres' ice volcanoes might have oozed into oblivion

Mercury crust

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Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 10.30.49

Image of Mercury from NASA's MESSENGER mission

2017 Earth and Planetary Science Letters paper

Forbes:  Tiny Mercury likely has dense, thin planetary crust 

University of Arizona News: New estimates of Mercury's thin, dense crust

Newsweek: Mercury's crust thinner than previous estimate: just 16 miles deep

Co-authored work

Ceres' Occator crater from Dawn's final mission stages

CNN: Ceres is an ocean world with salty water on the surface

National Geographic: Dwarf planet closest to Earth is geologically active

Lava flows on Earth as an analog for other planets

AGU highlight: New Mexico badlands help researchers understand past lava flows

Metal volcanism

National Geographic: Heavy-metal space volcanoes may have forged gem-studded meteorites

Universe Today: Metallic asteroids might have had volcanoes erupting molten iron

Gravity analysis of craters on the Moon

Science News:  Probes unveil three hidden blemishes on Moon's face  Newfound Moon craters point to asteroid puzzle  Moon's shattered crust could shed light on Earth life's origins

Lava and floods carve channels on Mars

EOS:  Tracing the steps of hydrothermal activity in Hrad Vallis, Mars

Climate signals in the topography of icy layers on Mars

EOS:  How Mars got its layered north polar cap

EOS:  Peeling back the layers of the climate of Mars